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Biometric Attendance System


Usually staff attendance system these days claims that a biometric attendance system ensures the attendance.

Our recent study with the SMEs who are using these systems either do not have proper processes in place to safe guard employee biometrics or lacks in IT infrastructure to manage it properly. As a result have bigger impact on business when things go south.

We at Strom HRM have two main options for attendance.

  • Integrated briometric device.
  • Facial Recognition system (Recommended).

Over the time our facial recognition attendance system played a much bigger role and made it very hard and impossible for attendance inaccuracy.

We use best practices and our data is encrypted with 256bit certificates.


Strom HRM Attendance System ensures the employee attendance based on the facial picture of the employee from his/her digital file. You can easily track how many days have been missed or how many times the employee has been late for work. This can prove to be very valuable information and can help you decide who the next promotion goes too. It is an indisputable way to track attendance. Also you can track from where the employee clock in based on Geo location service. This really helps for distributed team attendances over multiple locations or working from home (WFH).

WHY Facial Recognition system instead of traditional Briometric Systems

Facial Attendance systems from Strom HRM assure that there is no confusion as to what employee is where. Unlike traditional punch in systems, Facial Recognition systems are unique to each employee. These systems can:

  • Accurately track attendance and leave
  • Is exclusive to each employee
  • Avoids dishonest transactions
  • Attendance is always easily verifiable
  • Increases security in the workplace



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