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5 Ways HR Software Can Improve Employee Engagement

The Problem

1- Engagement

65% workforce these days report that they do not feel engaged properly or feel something is not right which disengage them.

2- Abstract Perks

As we all know nothing fits all, similarly adding perks which are not inline with companies workforce basically discourage them.


1- Workforce these days need benefit packages which suits them or help them in daily tasks or at home.

2- 79% of workforce thinks they need fair compensation for their performance. see Strom HRM Performance & Appraisal features.

3- Most of the employees want to given opportunities for ongoing training and further development.

4- 62% of workforce are not sure what leadership team expectations are. It is for greater good for the company and employee to set proper KPIs and goals. See StromHRM Secure portal where each employee can do self Appraisals.

5- Vision and Mission are very critical for any company and its also very important for the employees. 33% of workforce are not sure or do not understand about the company values.


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