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Human Resource Policies In The Success Of An Organization

The success of an organization is always measured through the workforce. If an employee is talented, motivated and dedicated enough to deliver all his/her tasks in an appropriate or timely manner, he/she directly contributes to the success of an organization and further create an equity for an organization. In order for this cycle to commence, it is the role of the Human Resource Management to develop effective policies, which will contribute to the success of the organization.
Human Resource is self-explanatory; it is the welfare of every employee. This makes HRM crucial, as employees are the backbone of any organization. Here are some of the key roles of Human Resource Policies that contribute to the success of an organization.


  1. Staffing: The first, and most pivotal role is staffing. It is the role of the HRM to recruit employees for hiring. They have to identify the right assets which can prove to be beneficial for the organization. Hunting such employees, interviewing them, and offering them a job with beneficial packages, is a crucial role of the HRM, to get the right players for the job.
  2. Workplace Policies: Developing and implementing workplace policies are equally important. This includes discipline, compensation and benefits, or even the amount of vacations an organization gives. Each policy is crucial to define in order to maintain decorum, and reward the employee. Strom HRM address is with secure employee portal, for details see Sure Employee Portal
  3. Training: Training is an imperative role for HRM. It’s important to train the employees so that they can better perform their tasks, along with working together as a team. Once an employee is trained, he/she can perform, meet, and excel the expectations of the organization.
  4. Retention: It is important to identify and retain those employees which become the driving force of an organization. Such employees become vulnerable to switch their jobs, if they are not rewarded appropriately. It is the role of the HRM to see if the employees are satisfied, comfortable, and motivated enough to work.

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