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The Changing Role Of HR In The Age Of WFH

From working in simple and smooth environment of an office to a new cliché called Work From Home or just like the acronym species say it “WFH” what I accept is indeed my dog and all the creatures must have known by now that humans are into Work From Home mode. No doubt, this widespread (COVID – 19) has come up with various opportunities of living a life, WFH seems to be the new way or better approach for working professionals. Since work from home is a growing trend in 2020 and as the dread of COVID – 19 proceeds to spread many employers have as of now considered work from home the New Normal in order to avoid reduced productivity and by taking up additional responsibilities.

In the beginning, the role of HR was largely functional. It was centered around different functions and could be done only through showing your presence in the office, your boss just won’t be comfortable with the idea of your physical absence but then things changed, technology and COVID-19 happened which made everything unpredictable and as a result role of HR began to evolve and became one of the single most important functions for any organizations in these unprecedented times. HR and organizations are looking at survival by ensuring not only the sustainability of organizations but also ensuring the sustainability of its people.

HR is working in minimizing job losses, eliminating unnecessary expenses, engaging employees (through different WhatsApp groups) (by having basic communication regarding the employees job security) which has drastically increased, line managers have stepped up and are actively keeping up the morale, helping staff to stay updated, providing emotional support and has also been implementing a positive and balanced work structure. Since many companies are facing budget constraints, HR has adopted innovative ways by offering free online courses, measuring the effectiveness and determining which technology improvements and policy changes are needed.

During this WFH challenge, it’s an opportunity for HR to step up and during this crisis instead of looking around for answers it has to build up its own answers. HR in the age of WFH has just fast forward what HR and an organization were always looking for which includes high trust, high communication, maintaining healthy relationships, empowering people, better understanding that people are meant to perform and improving communication between ourselves.


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